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Organic Hydrosols

Organic Hydrosols

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Hydrosol are pure botanical extracts, made from the floral waters of the botanicals. Hydrosols are the water-based byproduct with a milder aroma and therapeutic properties.

Hydrosols can be used in skincare as facial, skin and hair mist. Aromatherapy and Natural Cleaning solution for the home.


Catnip: Relaxing and refreshing for humans and a delight for cats!

Chamomile: Calming and ease. 

Cucumber: Refreshing and cool, makes a great body splash.

Lavandin: Mentally relaxing and refreshing.

Lemon Verbena: Uplifting and stimulating, a boost on gloomy days.

Rose: Sensuous and great for skin.

Sweetgrass: Sweet and refreshing, beautiful spray during meditations

White Sage: Excellent for clearing energy in spaces.


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