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Fire Cider Class

Fire Cider Class

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Unearth the secrets of crafting Fire Cider in our interactive and fun-filled workshop! Delve into tales of its ancient roots, and get hands-on as we blend and brew this age-old elixir together.

"Fire Cider isn't just a tonic; it's a fusion of flavors that tells a story of tradition and warmth. From zesty ginger and garlic to the kick of chiles, we'll explore each ingredient's role. And with apple cider vinegar and honey as our base, we promise a taste adventure with the perfect sweet-tangy twist!"

Roll up your sleeves and join us! At the end of our session, you'll not only take home newfound knowledge but also your own 16oz glass jar of Fire Cider bottle for your household.

Date: December 9, 2023

Location: Waterfront Market at Ruston 

Time: 3pm-5pm



All this excitement for just $40 per person. Dive in!

Each participant receives one Fire Cider bottle for their household.

No person under the age of 18

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